Welcome to the Perma Website

Here you will find the know-how that is required in order to live a life tuned and attentive to the environment.
The change begins with you! In your home, business and your daily life.

Perma – Green Solutions for People is a family business established in the Dead Sea region and found its way to the center of the country in a journey to deepen knowledge and understanding and the "Green" action.
Since then we are continuing to "green" companies, businesses, regional councils, families and whoever is interested.

Permaculture Design Course

A course that provides practical and useful tools to improve your quality of life.
13 meetings on Thursdays, consisting of expert lecturers and field work.
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Practical Ecological Workshop

The workshop puts an emphasis on giving immediate solutions for developing a healthy, economical and productive garden. The uniqueness of the workshop is its active and practical tone.
4 meetings of 3 and 1/2 hours on Friday mornings.
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Ecological Gardening

Design, establishment and maintenance of economical and productive gardens. Minimum energy, maximum production from your garden.
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Yonatan Tapuchi – Permaculture designer and teacher, recognized by the Israeli Permaculture organization, he has been dealing with environmental education for the past decade. He gained his training in the midst of the Canadian forest with local tribes, in the wilderness of India, and among Permaculture designers in Israel and abroad, finding solutions for developing a sustainable way of living. He dedicates most of his time establishing water-saving gardens, carries out training sessions, leads environmental forums and projects, and teaches sustainability courses. He planned and established the "Tapuchi Farm" and the Perma Company in Moshav Bet Nechemia.

What is Permaculture?
Permaculture is a practical design system that supports the implementation of ecological principles in the house and garden, in the orchard, in your career and in any other place you wish to succeed. The system is not about going backwards, but about moving forward in time, combining ancient knowledge with modern perception to create a sustainable culture. Currently, the system can be implemented easily, the system believes in minimum effort and maximum output, in order to save time, money and manpower.

Permaculture is suitable for urban and rural areas alike, favors aesthetics, the welfare of man, reduces costs, causes pleasure and enjoyment, is a suitable lifestyle for raising children; the advantages are many. And here lies the innovation. Nowadays many courses are being taught around the world, and already, there are 2,000 graduates of Permaculture courses. The courses teach the technical-practical aspect of ecology (organic gardening, composting, climatic ecological building, communities and more). In addition to the practical side, significant reference is given to local culture and local experiences (observation methods are taught, how to benefit from the use of existing data, all in an attentive and sustainable way).